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“The summer of 2020 I made a personal choice to join events that could lift up my life in quality and that make me break out from my comfort zone. I signed up for an outdoor workout class with Somayazi Fitwell, and man it was a big joy attending and a joy for both body and mind…”

“FitWell Camp was more than exercising, I remember that day while heading
to Willfit gym I had in my mind working out and maybe having fun but I was
surprised about the body positivity conversation that we had.

“Steffie did great! Her positive energy was 100% and she managed time so well. Covered the red carpet like none other (in multiple languages) and was a warm host to multicultural attendees during the Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam…”

“Steffie, was the epitome of ‘Master of ceremonies’ with her flawless style, electrifying aura, and positive energy. She captivated the audience
from the start and had them magnetized throughout the night…”



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Hosting concerts, charity work, camps, fashion events, and club concepts. The work took her to Kenya, Germany, Denmark, Congo, Norway, Sweden, and Holland. Urban Entertainment is the top of Steffie’s list as she has hosted various artists like Fetty Wap, Diamond Platnumz, Timaya, Skiibi +++


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