So Mayazi Fitwell

The experience of a long and active lifestyle resulted in Steffie becoming a fitness instructor in 2016. Today she is an active lifestyle coach with her brand “So Mayazi Fitwell”. A platform that provides workouts, camps, and exclusive activewear.

Fitness and wellness have been a big part of Steffie’s life, as she played basketball for 13 years and was a student-athlete in Florida, USA.


Public Speaking/Presenting

In August 2018 she entered the entertainment industry as a host and quickly became a rising talent in public speaking.


Charity Work

Community Work

Mayazi has a big passion for community work and giving back. The rights of children and women are close to her heart. Therefore, she volunteered in charity work through ox2e in Kisumu, Kenya. In addition, in her motherland Kinshasa, Congo. Inspiring through motivational speeches, activities, groundwork, and diverse necessaries.



Professional Hairstylist

Steffie holds a diploma as a Professional Hairstylist. Her goals as a hairstylist are to frequently develop her skills and make her clients walk out of the salon with a stunning new look.

She’s currently the project manager for the course program www.krolleloftet.no educating professional hairdressers and saloons in curly hair. She’s also the Course Manager for the curly hair marketplace www.thedaba.com.



Connecting people

As an entrepreneur, Steffie is a true believer in connecting people and sharing positive news. Together with Donnah Obera, they founded the online magazine theplugmelanin.com.


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