The work of Steffie is highly acknowledged and
appreciated nationwide and internationally.


Feature in Norwegian National Newspaper *Dagsavisen*


Diana Tambue

Founder of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam

“Steffie did great! Her positive energy was a 100% and she managed time so
well. Covered the red carpet like none other (in multiple languages) and
was a warm host to multicultural attendees during the Africa Fashion
Fashion Week Amsterdam.

Judging from the ‘behind the scenes videos’ we saw Steffie being creative,
directing our videographer, being precise about the light and angles,
reviewing the videos,and all that multitasking. Steffie, had the entire
situation on lock!

On top of it all, she even had peoples back, held them up in encouraging
ways when we faced challenging moments.

In addition to all the multitasking, Steffie was always focused and
fashionably on point! I think she is an amazing speaker that can engage
people in diverse industries .”


Ibarrlynn B. Reyna-Limoico

Founder of Reyna Event & Styling

“So Mayazi Fitwell is highly recommended!
We’ve worked with the brand twice and would love working with them again –
fashion show (Host) and fitnessparty (Instructor.) The CEO Steffie is so
humble, kind and goes the extra mile to make us happy and satisfied. What
we love the most is that Steffie is good at putting herself in positions to
achieve goals. She knows how to work with people and we admire that. Can’t
wait to work together again, So Mayazi Fitwell!”


Gloria Cizungu

Participant of Camp FitWell: Congo

“FitWell Camp was more than exercising, I remember that day while heading
to Willfit gym I had in my mind working out and maybe having fun but I was
surprised about the body positivity conversation that we had. Steffie made
us understand how important it was to respect each other’s body by not
commenting in a negative way on each other’s physical appearance. What made
it more special was the fact that both women and men was part of the camp,
I personally found it amazing.
Thank you Steffie hope to have you again!”


Gee Saleh

Founder of  Afrobeat Vibration Copenhagen

“Steffie, was the epitome of ‘Master of ceremonies’ with her flawless
style, electrifying aura, and positive energy. She captivated the audience
from the start and had them magnetised throughout the night – a real crowd
pleaser, true professional, and humbling soul.

It was a pleasure having her host for us back in March 2020 at Afrobeat
Vibration CPH for the Diamond Platnumz show. We look forward to working
with her again in the near future.”


Christian Skinnes

Participant of So Mayazi Fitwell Workouts

“The summer of 2020 I made a personal choice to join events that could
lift up my life in quality and that make me break out from my comfort zone.
I signed up for a outdoor workout class with Somayazi Fitwell, and man it
was a big joy attending and a joy for both body and mind.  This led me to
join Somayazi Fitwell workouts several times. Additionally, Steffie is a
bucket of positive energy that inspires big time and made me whom was often
the only man in the group to feel included. I can highly recommend  more
men  joining these workouts!”


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