SO Mayazi Workouts

A wide range of workouts that can be offered in private sessions, group workouts and teambuilding workshops.

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1. Dance Fitness

Energetic and fun fitness class with various dance styles (Zumba fusion, Afro, Reggaeton, Dancehall & more.) In addition, top music hits from diverse countries around the world.


SO Mayazi Fitwell Outdoor Workouts

Exclusive outdoor training.

Training session includes various workouts (Tabata, Dance fitness, Strength and more.) Perfect training to connect with nature and boost oxygen level. The workout provides limited spots for each session. Sign up to get first hand news and booking of upcoming outdoor workouts.


Fit Heels

Dance fitness in heels

A class that teaches how to confidently move in heels with easy-to-follow dance moves combined with training exercises.


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Afrobeats Tabata

Empowering & Exciting

An empowering and exciting HIIT (high-intensity interval training.) The workout consists of sets with fast-paced exercises to the powerful music beats of Africa. Each set is performed for 20-30 seconds spread with a brief rest of 10-15 seconds.


Strength & Tone

15-45 mins

Strength workout that builds muscles and tone body with various exercises.  The workout focuses on gaining strength through working with bodyweight and resistance bands.

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