Boy oh boy, time flies! I am starting the second semester of school tomorrow and I am so thrilled! Honestly, it feels amazing to be  on a path that I want to walk on and willing to go through. Don’t get me wrong tho, being a scholar in university is not easy at all. However, the genuine interest of the program makes up for the challenging times.

I am studying to become a lawyer… SIKE! I would love to do that but I be too invested, on some Olivia Pope type of thing ( Scandal, Tv-show). The program I’m studying is a bachelor program in Media, English and Globalization. Let me tell you that it is the perfect program for me. My interest in media and communications along with international relations and culture are well met. I’m very excited to see where life will take me with a degree in media and communication studies. First, let me focus on where I am at now.

 I am starting the second semester out of six, with the course English A. Which contains of four partial courses; Language and Linguistics I and II, and Literature and Culture I and II. Every other semester is media and communications studies followed with English studies, the media and communications courses are mostly in my native language Swedish whilst the English courses are in…….. I think you get it.

 After completed the English A course I am expecting improvement in English writing, gain more in-depth knowledge of the different cultures of English-speaking countries, more understanding  about the links between historical, social and cultural circumstances, and well as examining how different social groups use language. Good luck to all the scholars, let us have a great semester!

P.S if you are nervous about your first day/week of school here are some tips:

  1. Get familiar with the learning platform
  2. Get familiar with the course syllabus
  3. Unsure? Always ask, send an email to relevant professor.
  4. Relax, you are the STUDENT and there to learn. It is okay not to know it all. 
  5. Wake up on time, meditate, pray or just have time to yourself before heading to class.
  6. Be in class 15 minutes before

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