I have been rocking short hair aka “bald hair” aka low cuts since 2017 and I can happily say that I am still happy with the brave decision. I usually rock a platinum blonde color but my scalp cried itchy, itchy, yaya, dada!!! Basically the last couple of months my scalp have been reacting  badly to bleach products. I am currently rocking a jet black color (super black), I have not had black hair color since last year and I only kept it for one week due to boredom. Now I am choosing my scalps health which means that I have to stick with the color for a while and treat my scalp.

The previous time I had black hair color was when I first cut my hair from long to short hair back in 2017, this was the only time before rocking black hair very briefly in 2022. It is  fall season and the return is back, the return of Amber Noire aka Amber Schawrtz aka Amber Black. She is me and I am her! Seeing myself in black hair takes me back to 2017; the first minutes, moments and days of having very short hair. It feels good and I can’t help but to think of some key benefits I am so grateful for;

1. Budget: Having short hair actually cut a lot of costs. It is cheaper to do low cuts, a few dollars would defer depending on where you are geographically located. However in Scandinavia; A hair cut on long hair in Scandinavia can range between 50-180 USD. A person with short hair can get away with 20- 80 USD. I rarely cut my hair before the big chop, instead I had sew-ins done and that cost me between 150-300 USD every second month. Mind you I was a young brokie, but I still got myself to scramble money to have those lengths of hair tracks attached to my hair!

  1.  Easy to maintain: MY FAVORITE!!!! It is so easy to maintain. Why? Because I basically don’t have to do anything. From having several steps in my beauty routines both during morning and evening to having only TWO STEPS! Yes,  that’s right. I have only two steps (I tell you about those steps on another post)
  2. Faster Beauty Routine: I know that you sometimes wish that things went faster (even if you love to pamper yourself). If you are a person  that takes a good time during your beauty routines I must tell to that having short hair cuts out about 20-60 minutes of the beauty routine ,with less hair to work on I can finally take more time on other things such as make-up, outfits, dancing naked in the shower or just taking a longer nap. I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Self love! I will talk about that benefit on another post because that one is deep and it needs a post of it one.

If you have any questions regarding your hair feel free to send me an email steffie@somayazi.com, remember that I am a professional hairdresser. Im here for you!



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