So many thoughts and ideas go through my mind daily.

Yet I feel that I don’t do anything because I keep it within me. I find myself writing this post because I just have to start and write something since I know deep down I am a person who actually needs to be heard and seen.

Even if it’s just only for me. Lol, yes I am an attention-seeking woman. At least maybe that’s what it looks like but the fact is I just like to express myself fully.

I love to express myself, let it be through the way I dress, how I speak, the projects I do, or the relationships I engage in. This blog will be just that, a place where I can express myself and share my journey, give useful tips, and dive into topics I find interesting. Boy oh boy, do I have opinions tihi.

If you are reading this then I want you to know that you should just START DOING whatever it is that you want to do. Things don’t have to be perfect, it just have to be organically you. Learn more about me here!


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